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it just came to me...

well i just got finished watching ch-ch-changes on sci-fi. you know the one where liz starts to get her powers. watching her develop her powers got me thinking of the eppi four aliens and a baby. And when this eppi first aired this i laughed so hard at this part, i was like cheering and getting all crazy. lol.

from four aliens and a baby:

>>This is the part where michael and max discover tess at michaels apartment<<

Michael: Oh, so you're the one that crashed in the desert the other night.
Tess: You always were the quick one, Guerin.
::tess suddenly gets blasted through the air, then we see liz standing in the doorway::
Liz: Get up, bitch!
::Liz's hand is outstretched and you see green sparks and crackles coming from it::

hahahaha. OMG i love that part! i ended it there cause the part when she says "Get up, bitch!" is the effing most awesome part ever in the world, and then you see her like how you do. its GREAT! :)
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