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Hello all, happy new year! (well, almost.) I hope everyone has a FUN and SAFE new year's eve..i'm about to go pig out on ice cream..that was irrelevant..here's a cute exchange from "A Tale of Two Parties"!

MICHAEL: So why are you really here?
MAX: What are you talking about? I'm looking for enigma.
MICHAEL: Did Liz put you up to this? Are you a chaperone for me and Maria or something?
MAX: It's New Year's eve, and I'm looking for a party, ok?...Hey, I know how to party!
MARIA: All right, this is what i gather. It's a quarterback's call, and their is a number 7. Dave Lambert is number 7.
MICHAEL: Who's Dave Lambert?
MARIA: The star quarterback at Isabel's college. Anyway, so Julia says-
MICHAEL: Who's Julia?
MARIA: That's Julia. Dave Lambert's fraternity is having a party, which is probably where the next clue to enigma is. So let's go. Out the window, Guerin. Oh, Max, listen, this chaperone thing, I know that Liz put you up to it, but Michael and I, we're clear that this is not a date.
MAX: I'm not a chaperone. I'm really looking for the party.
MARIA: (skeptical) Right. Ok.
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