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Maria: [To herself as she pulls up in the car] Why can't these aliens ever get in trouble somewhere decent? Like Graceland or Tahoe or New Orleans. No, Utah. Mormons and mountains.

season 3- busted
I find that episode pretty funny................

MAX: Let's just keep running, you and me, away from here, away from everything. I see everything so clearly now. We'll go someplace where no one knows us. As long as we're together, nothing else matters.

LIZ: You're drunk. Nothing that you're saying is true.

MAX: It's all true, Liz. It's how I really feel. It's all just magic when I think about you.

(Max touches a lamp post and causes the light to shine in a pattern)

LIZ: Max, turn it off. Anyone can see.

MAX: And when I'm not with you...I go crazy.

(Max touches a car and the car alarm goes off)

LIZ: Max.

MAX: When you're here...

LIZ: Oh, Max. Please.

MAX: You're my dream girl, Liz.

LIZ: And what if I believe you tonight?

MAX: Then we live happily ever after.

LIZ: And then what about tomorrow...when you go back to realizing who you really are, and all of your fantasies go away.

MAX: I'll still have you.

LIZ: This can never be normal, Max.

(Max touches the tops of some parking meters, and they start sparkling)

MAX: What's so great about normal?

I like that one too from seaon 1 blind date.. its sweet.. i love Max and Liz because they are dreamers,,.. but I also love michael and maria bcause they are something more like whta i go through.. I'm not a fan of Tess reallly.. I
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